Channel 5 Map for Stops & Shades

You can use this list with the Cakewalk Professional 3.0 piano roll option to help determine the original registration of these organ sequences.   Remember, the Stops & Shades are recorded on Channel 5 as notes.  From the Cakewalk main menu, choose VIEW / NEW / PIANO ROLL.  Right click on the keyboard on the left side of the screen.  When "Note Names & Drum Mode" appears,  select "Use These Settings Instead."  Select 0..127 from the "Note Names:" list.  The number to the left of the stop represents the key number on the Cakewalk keyboard.

Cakewalk users also have another option. You can (shift/click) HERE and download a new (master.ins) file that will add stop names to the keyboard instead of numbers 0..127.


Rename your \CPW30\MASTER.INS file MASTER.ORG (keep a copy of the original). Then copy the downloaded MASTER.INS to your \CPW30 directory. Now when you go to PIANO ROLL and choose "Use These Settings Instead"; select "WGraeber".








Swell Shades


Great Shades

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