Classical Midi Organ Stop!

(Background sequence - Concerto for 2 Recorders, Strings & BC in C Major - by Michael J. Starke)

About the CMOS!

The classical & religious pipe organ sequences on the CMOS! were created on a Reuter Pipe Organ using Cakewalk Professional 3.0.   The pipe organ electronic switch and the midi interface were designed and manufactured by Peterson.  Swell = channel 1, Great = channel 2, Pedal = channel 4 and Stops/Shades are recorded on channel 5 as notes. Most users will need to mute channel 5 and add their own stops with sysex codes. The piano sequences were created with MidiScan 2.0.

The pipe organ section of the CMOS! contains most of the public domain part of the Marks Presbyterian Church midi sequence collection. In an effort to minister to individuals and churches with limited music resources, the CMOS! makes this collection available on the WWW. This site is dedicated to the late Mr. Tom Sharp, a graduate of Julliard and a former organist of the Marks Presbyterian Church.

Any contributions to the Marks Presbyterian Church Digital Music Fund will be appreciated.

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